Basics & Bespoke

BASICS_timeless "must haves"

Since its opening in 2004, Basics & Bespoke has been bringing together authentic, basic, “real things” to make our shop a genuine “hall of fame” for men’s elegance:
– originals that are “out of time”, refined and authentic, that have stood up to the mainstream and often haphazard reinterpretations…
– Basics produced in the traditional way by small manufacturers,
– highly contemporary originals that give their owners a feeling of serenity, combining elegance and comfort.

BESPOKE_tailoring, so British

The term Bespoke is synonymous with excellence in traditional tailoring.
Apart from the reverent and legendary Henry Poole House on London’s Savile Row, we offer a full bespoke tailoring/fitting service in the greatest British tradition.
You will be guided by our team of enthusiasts who will work with you to create your tailor-made suit for a true “London West End” look, a style of timeless elegance that has never been equalled.
The made-to-measure service extends to tailor-made shirts with traditional assembly.


Based on our experience in tailoring since 1991 and inspired by the famous London West End Cut, Basics & Bespoke has been offering a full alterations/modifications service in our own workshop to the “general public” since October 2018.
The service includes:
– style advice
– measurements
– work by qualified staff

VINTAGE_the real "old school"

Dowtown, the “core of the old town”, you’ll find high-quality vintage clothes.
Unearthed from the four corners of the world, selected thanks to their historical interest and their handmade quality, they are overhauled in our workshop with the aim of giving you clothes “like no other” for an “old school” look … soooo stylish;-)
Happy shopping…